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Backcountry Islamorada Fishing Charters
with Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Full Day

Full Day 3 People

Half Day 3 People

Half Day

The 20' Sea Craft is a very comfortable bay boat to fish Islamorada fishing charters and can handle 3 people easily as opposed to some of the smaller flats skiff used by many guides. She was built in 1977 and has a classic look and feel, though has modern electronics including radio, GPS, livewell, jackplate, and more! In 2012 she was completly restored and built to my fishing specifications, and looks like a brand new vessel! Capt. Rick Stanczyk loves to fish the gulf of mexico for mackerel, goliath grouper, permit, cobia, and sharks as well as the flamingo areas at certain times of year for snook, tarpon, redfish, and trout, and of course fishes the Islamorada area for tarpon, bonefish, and the like, and can even fish the nearshore reef and offshore depending on weather for other species as snapper, grouper, sailfish, even dolphin. If your a single person or have a small group this is the way to go if you don't want to spend a lot on an offshore charter boat. Come have a great day on the water with Capt. Rick Stanczyk and find out what Florida Keys backcountry fishing is all about! Call Capt. Rick Today 305-747-6903 or
e-mail him here!

Tarpon Fishing

Florida Tarpon Fishing is one of the most popular activites for anglers visiting the keys. These tremendous fish can range from 5 to almost 200 lbs! We generally fish live bait for them, mostly mullet and crabs. Often times the best fishing is later in the evening or very early in the morning, which Capt. Rick Stanczyk has no problem fishing those times to have the best chances at catching fish! He can check the tides on the days you want to go and suggest the best time! This fishing is usually best in the spring and early summer, though it is possible to catch them almost year round except when it gets very cold, so don't hesitate to ask if your looking for the thrill of a lifetime! When fishing live mullet there is also a good possibly of catching blacktip sharks or large barracuda! Night trips fishing around the bridges it is also possible to catch snook and large mangrove snapper! Read Capt. Rick's Tarpon Fishing Blog here, updated every day he tarpon fishes! This is his specialty and what he most often fishes for.

Gulf of Mexico Fishing

Gulf of Mexico Fishing offers a wide variety of fish for any angler! The winter, spring, and even summer can have great fishing in this area! Catches often inclue spanish mackeral, blacktip shark, goliath grouper, cobia, king mackeral, trout, ladyfish, snapper, permit, tripletail and more! To get the best experience out here it requires a full day, though often on a half day you can get out and fish some of the areas for mackerals, goliaths, snappers, and sharks. Fishing the 20' Sea Craft is perfect for this as often backcountry guides in smaller skiffs cant get out when the weather is windy as much of this area is unprotected as the everglades are. Call Capt. Rick Today 305-747-6903 or e-mail him here!

Everglades Fishing

The Florida Everglades is one of the most beautiful areas that remains largely untouched by humans! Fishing back here is great usually in the spring, summer, and early winter. Target species include sharks, trout, ladyfish, jacks, snook, redfish, tarpon, and more! Much of this fishing takes place around islands and creeks where you also see gorgeous bird life, wild alligators, and other surprising creatures! Generally you need a full day to really get back into the everglades, though you can still fish muds for trout, snapper, and ladyfish often on a half day. Call Capt. Rick Today 305-747-6903 or e-mail him here!

Patch Reef Fishing

Patch Reef Fishing can be good year round in Islamorada! This is great for families with small children who want to just 'bend the rod' and not have to travel very far. You can often fish within a few miles from the marina and have great action. Fishing these areas depends a lot on weather conditions, as if it is too rough it is too hard to get out there, or if the water is too clear the fishing will not be that great. Often times if it is calm the Sea Craft can run out further to deeper areas for larger target species such as yellowtail, mangrove snapper, grouper, cero mackerel, hogfish, porgies, mutton snapper, barracuda, and more!. You can either fish a half day or full day for these trips.Call Capt. Rick Today 305-747-6903 or e-mail him here!

Stake up Flats Fishing

Stake up flats fishing is great if you want to try and catch an Islamorada bonefish! Instead of poling around the flats looking for fish, with my bay boat we can stake up and fish multiple baits in areas where bonefish live. You can often have a chance at hooking multiple fish, and also catch bonnet head sharks, snappers, sting rays, permit, and other flats fish. This is great for days when it is extremely windy and nasty and you may not want to attempt other kinds of fishing, as many of the spots are very close to the marina. You can either fish a half day or full day for these trips. Call Capt. Rick Today 305-747-6903 or e-mail him here!

Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is very exciting and great for young kids and adults alike! We usually can anchor up and chum heavily in certain areas and chum up all different kinds of sharks. Blacktips, lemons, bulls, nurse, spinners, and sometimes others depending on the area! They can get several hundred pounds and give you the fight of a lifetime! We can fish during the day or at night for these. You can either fish a half day or full day for these trips. Call Capt. Rick Today 305-747-6903 or e-mail him here!

These are just some of the kinds of fishing trips we offer, often times we will mix up different aspects depending on what's hot. Most of my customers nowadays simply want to catch fish and being on the water or around the marina everday, I can tell you what has been best. So if you want to target a certain species that is fine, or if you want my report on what has been the best we can do that too. It's all up to you, no stress I promise!

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